2017 An identity for One Hour Show, hosted by Raphael Griswold on Pratt Radio.
2017 A poster about La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's Dream House.
2017 An animated typeface drawn in CSS.
2017 25 variations on the poem 'Do you Remember (for Alison Knowles)' by Emmett Williams.
2016 A book cover for Roland Barthes The Neutral.
2016 A visualization of the poem 'Alcatraz' by Sharon Olds, video with sound.
2016 A collage made for 'One Year Magazine,' featuring images from the 2003 Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.
2016 A poster for the Marfa Myths music festival, with Hilary duPont.
2016 A poster for Regulated Material exhibition at High Tide, Philadelphia.
2015 A poster for Autre Ne Veut at Balloom Marfa, with Hilary duPont.
2015 REAL NEWS, a free monthly newspaper, with Hilary duPont. Ongoing.
2014 A poster for Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks at Ballroom Marfa.
2013 A poster for the Marfa Lights Festival, for the Big Bend Sentinel.
2013 A poster for the Sebastian Ensemble at Ballroom Marfa, with Hilary duPont.
2013 A poster for Moritz Landgrebe at ENTRANCE, Marfa, TX.
2013 The Answer is Yes.
2013 A poster for a lecture by Anthony Elms at Marfa Book Company.
2013 A logo for LA Record label Stomach Club.
2013 k chulada de viejasssss for Lighthouse, issue 2.
2012 A poster for At the Drive In at Ballroom Marfa.
2012 A poster for CSS at Ballroom Marfa.